Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tutorial: Increasing: Make One M1

To increase the number of stitches on your row, you could make a yarn over, but that leaves a hole. To increase almost invisibly, a make one, abreviated M1, is a good choice. Book between two stitches you should see that there is a line of yarn between these stitches.

Step One: Knit to the point where the increases is needed.

Step Two: Insert the right needle into the line of yarn between the two stitches.

Step Three: wrap the yarn over the needle.

Step Four: Pull the yarn through the line.

Step Five: Continue knitting the rest of the row.

Here is the video, it shows me knitting one, then doing a M1, then knitting one, then a M1...


Bev said...

Excellent, Kelly. I especially love the background :)

KnittingKel said...

Thanks! I love the background too, I painted it in a high school art class.