Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The French Quarter Wedding Chapel

Patrick and I went to The French Quarter Wedding Chapel Friday night. Its a cute little chapel, located at 333 Rue Burgundy. We had a great time!

The chapel has an interesting tradition of whenever someone gets married there, the couple takes out a dollar or a check and both sign their names on it. This tradition started years ago, when a bride was married there and said, when do I get to sign my married name? The minister said that all of the signing was finished and that you really don’t sign your married name. She very much wanted to sign her married name, so the idea of signing the dollar and hanging it from the ceiling became a tradition.

The minister told us how there was a rumor that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had gotten married over there the week before and how he had many phone calls from the press about that. He said it wasn’t true, but reporters from around the world continued to call all day and night.

Here is a picture of the alter and of a stained glass window that I thought was pretty.

The place is pretty tiny, so the bouquet and garter tosses were both done outside on the street.