Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cades Cove Campground

Last month when Patrick and I went to Tennessee, we stayed at the campground at Cades Cove. This is a very scenic campground, with many things to do. The park service has activities like hikes and tours all over the area. One of the most popular thing to do when staying at this campground is to ride bikes on the Cades Cove loop on the two mornings when the park is closed to vehicular traffic.

This campground is a little rustic. There aren't all that many amenities. There is a restroom and a place to clean dishes. There is also a little grocery store and snack bar located by the entrance to the park. The campground also has a beautiful stream not far from where we were camping.

The amenities that it is lacking include electricity and running water at the sites. It's near impossible to get a cell phone signal in this area. There also aren't any showers at the campground. The shower part was probably the hardest part for me. After days of trying to get clean with the limited resources at the campground, we drove to the city of Townsend. We went to a campground called Lazy Daze. This campground wasn't very scenic, the campers seemed pretty much on top of each other, but they did have showers and a pool and most of the other comforts of home. It cost us $5 each to take a shower, but it was really worth it.

After our showers, we went to a barbaque restaurant in Townsend , and had a really good dinner. I think the restaurant was called Little River Bar-B-Que and it overlooked a stream and we sat outside on a screened in portion of the restaurant. My favorite part of the dinner was the cherry cobbler we had for dessert.

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