Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baby Blankets

It seems like not too long ago, no one I knew had a baby. Now, three of my cousins have babies, one is almost 2, another is about three months old and the littlest one is a little over a week old. My sister(in law) is expecting a little bundle of joy in November. Besides having babies to play with, this gives me really great opportunities to make cute little baby blankets, and clothes and toys. My gift of choice for Baby Showers is a cute little blanket. I figure babies need to stay warm and no matter how big or small, the blanket will be the right size. Here is the newest edition to my extended family, wrapped up in his blanket to leave the hospital.
I just finished the blanket for my future niece or nephew. I really thought it would've taken longer to finish, but I was pleasantly surprised when it was big enough and I could cast off. I was very surprised when I washed it and blocked it and it grew. It's very lacy and soft, I hope it's comfy for the baby.

I finished one of the baby booties that I talked about yesterday, but I'm not all that happy with the way it came out. It just looks strange, I'm not really sure using Mercerized Cotton for it was a good idea. I'm going to wash it in hot water and see if I can get it to shrink a little and look a little better. We'll see.

Last night we went to Hooter's for my friend Steve's going away party. It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone, but kind of sad to say good bye. He's planning to come back every so often, so hopefully our group will be able to get together again. So Long Steve and Good Luck! Thanks for stopping by. Check back often, I'm working on tutorials on various aspects of knitting and hoping to post them soon. I hope ya'll enjoy.


Patrick said...

keep up the good work

kk said...

You do outstanding work and this is a great blog. The knitting instructions are amazingly clear.
I also love Lane's photos of egrets...but of course ALL his photos are great!
Gramma in Houston