Monday, June 16, 2008

It's a stream, its a river, no, it's a flooded street!

And "How I spent my weekend"


Here are some pictures from around our area yesterday. To say we had a little rain is an understatement. Father's Day was nice other than the rain that stranded us in the Harahan area for a few hours. We had breakfast at a diner in Laplace with Patrick's family. On my way back to my car, we found that the streets were flooded. We couldn't get to my car, so we drove around for a while and found that most of the streets were flooded. Then when the water had finally receded a little, we went to Patrick's parents' house and I taught Patrick's mom and sister how to knit. After that, we visited my parents and treated them to dinner at Ground Patti. I'd like to wish a Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there. Especially to Ryan and Hugh who were celebrating their first Father's Days.


We went to a 30th birthday party for a family friend at Copeland's restaurant Saturday night. We had one section of the restaurant to ourselves and were treated to a buffet with their signature biscuits, red beans and rice, blackened chicken Alfredo and a shrimp pasta. Everything was delicious and we had a good time catching up with everyone.


After work on Friday, Patrick and I went joined my parents at a local seafood restaurant by the name of New Orleans Food and Spirits. There are two locations, the one we went to, which is in Harvey, and the other is on the Lakefront. Harvey is a suburban area in the West bank of the Mississippi River. I had a seafood platter with fried Shrimp and fish which was excellent. Their fried food is always good, not soggy and not too greasy like some other places. I enjoy their potato salad also, it isn't overpowered by mustard like some other potato salad. The wait staff is fast and friendly. My mom had Eggplant Lafayette, which has fried eggplants on a bed of angel hair pasta with a delightful cream sauce. Patrick had a chicken dish with pasta and a cream sauce that had a more cheesy flavor than my mom's dish. And my dad had the Catfish Louisiana which is a fried catfish filet topped with crawfish etouffee served over steamed rice. If you ever eat here, I would suggest ordering the hushpuppies. They are sweet and very tasty.

I hope all of you had a great weekend and noone got too wet.

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