Thursday, June 26, 2008

Knitting Magazines

Knitting Magazines are a great resource. Knitting magazines usually have stories about knit wear designers, a wide variety of patterns, and tutorials on how to do new techniques. Some of the knitting magazine I read are Interweave Knits, Creative Knitting, Knit 'n Style, Knit.1, Knit Simple and Vogue Knitting .

Interweave Knits is published five times a year. Subscribers to this magazine receive four issues in the mail, and can purchase the Holiday issue separately. Each issue has a story about a knitwear designer. There is usually a "Beyond the Basics" Section that explains techniques. Some of the past "Beyond the Basics" sections have included topics such as Cables, Toe-Up Socks, finishing and Gauging. One of these sections included a technique that I hadn't heard of before called Entrelac. The magazine describes Entrelac as "a knitting technique that produces a fabric with a woven appearance." Eunny Jang who is now the editor of Interweave Knits did a wonderful job of describing this technique. Each issue also contains stories about knitwear designers, the history of knitted garments like the tam, and patterns. They have so many patterns that are so appealing, it is hard to make all of the garments that I really like before the next issue comes out. Another part of most issues is a comparison of new yarns on the market.

The other magazines that I mentioned earlier, all have many beautiful patterns, stories about people who knit and articles to improve the reader's knitting skills. They also seem to all have reviews of yarns, books and various other knitting products. I like reading a variety of magazine because they all seem to have different points of view and use different types of yarns for their patterns. It just seems like certain magazines prefer certain yarn companies.

Good luck with finding a magazine that you truly enjoy. I hope that the knitting magazines you read will help you to become a better knitter.

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