Monday, June 23, 2008

Project Profile: The Alligator Scarf

I made two Alligator Scarfs, the first one was for Patrick and the second was for my dad. For Patrick's scarf, I bought the pattern and yarn as a kit from Morehouse Merino farms. I used about one and a half skeins of their three strand Merino Wool. Which is about 210 yards. I started it at home and finished it while we were at the Balloon Fest in Natchez Mississippi. My dad liked it so much that he asked for one too. His was made from Cascade 220 yarn that I purchased at Natchez Needle Arts while we were at the balloon fest. I really liked this yarn store, the people were all very nice and there was a comfy sofa in the front of the store for Patrick and my dad to sit on and wait until My mom and I were finished looking at their yarns. Here are some Balloon pictures. The Balloon Race is a lot of fun. On the morning of one of the races, we decided to go out and watch them take off. The Balloon crews drove to a couple of differnt places, then decided that a neighborhood was the prefect place to launch. So, someone from each of the balloon crews ran to the residents' front doors and asked if it would be ok to launch from their front lawns. All of the balloons were beautiful and we happened to find a historic mansion, that the balloons were flying over. It's in the picture below.

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Patrick said...

See you latter alligator. this is one of my favorites!