Friday, August 7, 2009

Taking a break for the Hands

I hadn’t blogged for a while. This was for a few reasons, time is a big one, but not the biggest. From knitting, my hands started hurting, I guess I was on the verge of a repetitive stress injury, but now I'm feeling a lot better. I was probably being over cautious, but still, I decided to pursue some other hobbies for a few months, hoping that my hands would feel better. I do have some worries about being able to knit and work with my hands when I get older because there is some history of arthritis in my family.

I started drawing and painting again. I read some books and started Geocacheing with my husband. He just started a blog to tell about our adventures with Geocacheing. It also explains what Geocacheing is in case you were interested.

A month or so ago I decided to start knitting again, not knitting as much as I had at one point, but starting off slow. I started on a scarf from one of the One Skein Wonders books, either 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders: A world of possibilities inspired by just one skein
or Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Small Indulgences
, I can't remember which one. I used a couple of skeins that I bought sometime back from the yarn shop on Metairie Road. It was a variegated light blue color, very pretty, very soft merino wool. I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures before I gave it away. The pattern is called Winter Windows; it’s a nice basket weave pattern with some lacy portions. The lucky recipient of this scarf was my grandmother’s sister, Juliette, it was her 80th birthday present.

I’m glad I took a break from knitting; it gave me an opportunity to miss the actual click of the needles and the feel of the yarn between my fingers. I’m hoping that I will have more time to blog and more material to blog about soon. Right now I am working on a Zebra stuffed animal, I’m thinking about calling her Zooey. I will tell you more about Zooey next time on KnittingKel!

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