Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hello and Welcome

Hi! I'm Kelly. What do you get when you combine an Accountant and an Artist? Me! I'm a Civil Engineer by day and knitter whenever I can find the time. My mom's an Accountant and my dad's a photographer. My dad's website is His site has his photography, which is mostly of New Orleans, Swamps, and Wildlife.

This blog will be mostly about knitting, but sometimes I'll go off on a tangent and talk about photography, my dogs, New Orleans, my family or some arts and/or crafts related things. My favorite person is Patrick, my husband. I have two dogs, Lane is a Sheltie, and Dozer is a Boxer. We all live in a Suburban area not too far from New Orleans. The best things about New Orleans are the Architecture, the people and the food. Things have definitely been different since Hurricane Katrina. But the city seems to be healing for the most part.

I learned to knit years ago from my Maternal Grandma. I remember every time I'd go there, she'd be knitting, so one day I finally asked her if she would teach me. I learned the basics and fell in love with knitting. The first thing she explained to me is that there are only two stitches in Knitting, the Knit and Purl. I thought of how amazing it is that two stitches can be so versatile. They can make up delicate lace or strong cables or just a simple garter stitch. I think that's why I like knitting so much. Knitting is taking something very simple and making it complex. That's all I have for today.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you liked the post.

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Patrick said...

hey keep up the good work and blog every day