Sunday, September 6, 2009

Top ten places to get FREE knitting patterns

Here are my favorite places to get knitting patterns online. If you have any favorite places, please share them in the comments.

1. : Knitty is an online knitting magazine. Knitty offers free knitting patterns and informative articles. There are a variety of patterns from lots of knitters. You can even design a pattern and submit it. You never know, it might be featured in a future knitty.

2. Lion Brand Yarn : This is a yarn company, their yarns are affordable and can be found in stores like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, etc. They have a huge library of patterns available for free from their website. They also have some patterns available at a cost.

3. Interweave Knits/ Knitting Daily: Interweave Knits is a magazine, they also have a newsletter called knitting daily. Sometimes knitting daily has good information and patterns, other times, they send emails that are just advertisements for books they are publishing, or a special magazine. A good feature is that they usually take garments from their newly released magazine and try it on different body types to see how they fit people who aren't models.

4. Various Yarn Companies offer free patterns. This is a great way for them to show you all of the great things you can do with they yarn. Some of the yarn companies who offer (in my opinion) good patterns are: Berroco, Crystal Palace Yarns.

5. Local Yarn Shops: Many yarn shops offer free patterns. They also have patterns for sale and sometimes a pattern will be free with the purchase of a certain yarn. Ask the people working in the shop. They should be happy to help.

6. Your public library might be a good place to get knitting pattern books. The public library in my area offers many nice and new knitting books.

7. Stores like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, etc. often have pamphlets with free patterns available in the yarn area.

8. Blogs: Many bloggers write patterns and offer them for free or for sale on their sites. Look around and maybe your favorite blogger offers some. I don't have any yet, but am working on some to offer in the future.

9. This is an online knitting community. You have to be a member to access the site, but this is free and it is a good way to connect with fellow knitters and crafters.

10. Charity Knit alongs: The Knitting for Charity website seems like a good way to find charities to knit for. Other places might include calling your local hospital and asking if they accept hats, toys or blankets for new born babies, or sick children.

I hope this helps and If you have any other suggestions of where to find free knitting patterns, please leave a comment. Thanks!


Marie-Jolie said...

I'm all about free patterns! And you've included my faves in your list. I post free patterns on my blog now and then (just posted a new one today). Come for a visit if you'd like :) Hope you are having a lovely day!

twinsetellen said...

Don't forget Some of the patterns are free with yarn purchase, but many are free right off the bat.

Thanks for stopping by Twin Set!

DonnaW said...

That is a great list for free patterns. It is fun to see what everyone at Ravelry is doing with a particular pattern, such as what yarn to knit it with, etc. Thanks for stopping by KnitWriteCookGo. Have a great holiday weekend.

Rose said...

Thanks for the list! PopKnits is another site with free patterns:

Anonymous said...

Are you working on anything new?

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